It’s Book Junkie Season

08 May

Two New Books For My Collection

It’s that wonderful time of year when an old book junkie’s thoughts turn to . . . garage sales! Yard sales! Rummages! Call it what you will, but when you’re driving in a residential area and you see a driveway or yard with tables displaying clothes, knick knacks, doo-dads and, hopefully, books, you’ve found one. Pull over!

This past Saturday me and my wife, Donna, drove out to Dewey, Arizona where we had heard about numerous garage sales to be found. Sure enough, we were not disappointed.

OK. Maybe just a little. After all, I’m a BOOK junkie, and there were not many decent books to be found this day. But still we found some nice treasures. Donna nabbed some very nice English Bone China tea cups, two antique bottles and a good looking piece of jewelry with opals. Not to be outdone, I came away with a used Savinelli Extra tobacco pipe in excellent condition along with a tobacco pouch with a pipe tool-set inside.

The day was not a complete loss, book-wise. As we were driving along contemplating our next move, I saw a sign: “Book Sale.” After a wrong turn, we did find it. And then I found two C.S. Lewis books to add to my collection. I’ve been looking for “Miracles” for a while now, but “An Experiment in Criticism” I had never heard of. I’m looking forward to skimming through it soon. I’ll keep you posted.

One last thing. The folks I bought the books from, Doug and Mary, are true book lovers. They not only sell books at their house, but online as well. While we were talking, Doug told me that he and Mary rescued books. I didn’t have the time to get into detail with him on that subject, but I intend to follow up with him and find out more. Again, I’ll keep you posted.


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2 responses to “It’s Book Junkie Season

  1. Frances antoinette

    May 10, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    I love second hand book sales!

    • Rob

      May 10, 2012 at 9:55 pm

      One of my favorite things in life!


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