Not Just For Dwarves

15 Dec

The Badger simply beamed on him. “That’s exactly what I say,” he replied. “There’s

English: Hardwick House Toad Hall? The author ...

English: Hardwick House Toad Hall? The author of Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame died at nearby Pangbourne in 1932, and would have known this section of river whilst writing his most famous book. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

no security, or peace and tranquility, except underground. And then, if your ideas get larger and you want to expand – why, a dig and a scrape, and there you are! If you feel your house is a bit too big, you stop up a hole or two, and there you are again! No builders, no tradesmen, no remarks passed on you by fellows looking over your wall, and, above all, no weather. Look at Rat, now. A couple of feet of floodwater, and he’s got to move into hired lodgings; uncomfortable, inconveniently situated, and horribly expensive. Take Toad. I say nothing against Toad Hall; quite the best house in these parts, as a house. But supposing a fire breaks out – where’s Toad? Supposing tiles are blown off, or walls sink or crack, or windows get broken –  where’s Toad? Supposing the rooms are drafty –  I hate a draft myself – where’s Toad? No, up and out of doors is good enough to roam about and get one’s living in; but underground to come back to at last – that’s my idea of home!”


Kenneth Grahame, from “The Wind in the Willows”

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