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I Hope This Nooks Your Interest

I may have made it clear in an earlier post, but I’m definitely not a fan of e-readers. Any of them. This small tale is but one example of the why. A grateful head nod to Ben Greenman at the Page-Turner blog for his creative telling of the story.

I like to smile in the mornings!

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“Books” That Aren’t

So The American Heritage Dictionary defines Book as “A set of written or printed pages fastened along one side and encased between protective covers.” Books are physical things. You can touch them, smell them and see them. They are often works of art.

E-Books are digitized¬†information. They are not books. You can only read them through your computer, E-Reader or some other device. Those things aren’t books either.

Sure, one can store hundreds of E-Books on a device, but it looks lousy on a book case.


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