What the . . . ?!

24 Jun

OK. Who changed the cockpit all around?! I’m gone for, what? Two, three years? And the controls are different. I wasn’t that good with the old controls. So, be patient with me while I get used to the new configurations here. And don’t expect anything fancy, alright? Heck, I wasn’t very fancy the first time around!

First off, thank you to my blogging friend, David, for welcoming me back. Wow! I just threw some words up to see if I could figure out things, and BAM! There he was. I appreciated that very much.

So, where have I been? Trust me, you don’t want to read a post THAT long. Let’s just say that life had a few curve balls up its sleeve that required my full attention. I’m hoping that things have settled enough to allow me to write on a semi-regular basis again. Time will tell.

Of course, I’ve been reading. Yeah. Big surprise. I recently finished Justin Cronin’s Passage trilogy; 3 very long books about a post-apocalyptic America, a mysterious girl named Amy, and virus-born “Dracs.” Some reviewers compared it to “The Road.” Stephen King loved it. Was it that good? I plowed through all 3 books at a good pace so, yeah, it was good. Cronin is an excellent writer, a bit reminiscent of Dean Koontz. And you know how I feel about Koontz.

Right now I’m reading John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden.” It’s amazing, providing solid evidence he was one of America’s finest writers. I’ll be writing more on this later. Or maybe sooner, hopefully.

That’s all for now. My fingers are cramping.



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2 responses to “What the . . . ?!

  1. David

    June 24, 2018 at 4:34 am

    Glad to have you back! I started posting, what, a year ago? Actually maybe in 2016…not super consistent, but enough so people realized I am still alive and watching this place. When I first poked my head back into the blogosphere, my friends at (the very successful) Pages Unbound were quick to welcome me back. So I’m glad to pass the favor on. And, like you, I’m still reading. Some great stuff too. Just need to write more about them!

    • Rob

      June 24, 2018 at 3:52 pm

      Good for you! Maybe we can bolster each other a bit, eh? One thing I will try to do this time is write shorter posts. I used to try to write long posts all the time, and that got frustrating! Saw your St. George post. Very nice.


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